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Isnin, 16 Julai 2012

Escape From Luwak Plantation Exhibition

My painting.
"escaping from luwak plantation" by peroltz, 2012, a2, mixed media on canvas.

My wife's painting. I'm actually proud of her.
"Civet taking a coffee break" by eim. 2012, a2, mixed media on canvas

the poster
The Brief:

The plan is to host an comprehensive exhibition that is hosted by 3 local public locations : 
Potentially 3 different cafes in areas of Section 17 PJ, Masjid Jamek & Ampang Park.

Create an illustration/painting of the "CIVET CAT" on his break or breaking free from his plantation slavedom. That is, imagining that the civet cat's job/situation is to chomp down tons of raw coffee beans to have digest in its gut before becoming the very expensive kopi luwak.

The exhibition is at Mojo Cafe in Jaya One, PJ.

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