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Khamis, 12 Mac 2015

Teluk Cempedak Graffiti Bombing

Teluk Cempedak

from left: Perol & Perol Junior, Ecape, and Patio

Went back to my hometown, Kuantan to have a peaceful holiday. It was all good and I contributed a piece at one of the wall at Teluk Cempedak beach.

full production

Perol & da Kucin

Selasa, 10 Mac 2015

Graffiti Mural at Sekolah Kebangsaan SS19, Shah Alam

Graffiti Mural SKSS19
It is really surprising actually that schools nowaday wanted to have graffiti at their school instead of a normal mural. This is because they know the quality that graffiti can bring by using spray cans. It will last longer and the design will really pop out with the implementation of graffiti elements.

Graffiti Mural SKSS19

To me, it was a good way to inspire the kids about graffiti art so  they can learn that graffiti is beyond just about vandalising. And personally I didn't really care about the commission's payment.

Graffiti Mural SKSS19
This is their computer lab. The mission is to create images of anything related to computer technology, like computer and.. what else? i dont know... Im lazy to type LOL. Along with their blue frog mascot.

Graffiti Mural SKSS19 the mascot
Graffiti Mural SKSS19

Jumaat, 6 Mac 2015

Kiddo by KiS

We both feel that this is one of the best production we had so far. Escape did his fine shading on the kiddo and I just did a simple purple filling inside my orange lined graffiti letter and it turns out dope.

work in progress

letter by Perol

Full production done

Selasa, 3 Mac 2015

Just Writing My Name Malaysia

JWMN Malaysia poster

Just Writing My Name is the name of a global graffiti event series with support from Montana Cans. It was proudly held in Malaysia at DDEC Kuala lumpur this year and featuring the best graffiti artists in Malaysia.

Malaysia was in its peak of summer and we are battling with the heat. I can only full focus on my piece when the sun gets calm, and that is when its about to get dark.

JWMN Malaysia

JWMN Malaysia

This is just me writing my name Perol, in a distinctive style graffiti. its a purple dripping on gold delicious 3d letter. above my piece are from NaY2 and SMask. credit to NaY2 for the fine picture.


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