Malaysia Graffiti

Isnin, 4 Disember 2017

Patriotic Graffiti

These are some patriotic Malaysia graffiti that I did. 
Some are for competitions, and some are for commission job.

Malaysia Power Antabax Graffiti Competition, patriotic graffiti with national hibiscus flower
Malaysia Power: Antabax Graffiti Competition

Independence theme School Mural

Patriotic Themed Graffiti sometimes can be expected with the same element used.
I need to use the color and composition at my best, 
and also need to add other elements such as local culture
as example the  Port Dickson Piece below, the jet ski was painted with National Flag
 so the piece can be more unique.

Negaraku Competition, Port Dickson

1M4U Patriotic Mural

Wilayah Ceria Patriotic Graffiti

Negaraku Graffiti Comp: Future
Patriotic comp: Hafizh Syahrin


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