Malaysia Graffiti

Khamis, 28 Julai 2016

Doodle Mural Commissioned by Banngkok

Banngkok Restaurant hired me to do doodle on their restaurant wall.

    The idea is about portraying Bangkok Culture beautifully. So i took the most common thing about Thailand yet very iconic such as Tuk Tuk vehicle, floating market, tomyam, street food, temple, Muay Thai, Elephant etc.

Banngkok logo stylized

Doodle in Progress


Jumaat, 1 Julai 2016

Doodle Commissioned by Maybank

 I was commissioned by Maybank to come up with a mural to describe about cashless society.
There are a lot to be described so I decided to do doodle which can pack in much information but still deliver the story beautifully.

doodling in progress

Final touch
I freestyle using outdoor paint for this doodle.
taking with clients
The clients love it and I'm happy for them.


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