Malaysia Graffiti

Isnin, 4 Disember 2017

Patriotic Graffiti

These are some patriotic Malaysia graffiti that I did. 
Some are for competitions, and some are for commission job.

Malaysia Power Antabax Graffiti Competition, patriotic graffiti with national hibiscus flower
Malaysia Power: Antabax Graffiti Competition

Independence theme School Mural

Patriotic Themed Graffiti sometimes can be expected with the same element used.
I need to use the color and composition at my best, 
and also need to add other elements such as local culture
as example the  Port Dickson Piece below, the jet ski was painted with National Flag
 so the piece can be more unique.

Negaraku Competition, Port Dickson

1M4U Patriotic Mural

Wilayah Ceria Patriotic Graffiti

Negaraku Graffiti Comp: Future
Patriotic comp: Hafizh Syahrin

Isnin, 30 Oktober 2017

Toy Shop Graffiti

This is my favorite piece of all time yet. because of the composition and the character.
The design is suitable for all-purpose, especially toy shop.

Graffiti Commissioned by i Lapar Xchange

We were commissioned by i Lapar Xchange in Publika to do graffiti on 2 of their walls.
The idea they want is about Wallstreet. 

First Wall.

Second Wall

Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

Lafarge Cement Truck Graffiti

We, Perol and Nes2 did this painting on the drum of the 3 cement trucks for Lafarge campaign #Happinessinthecity.

Graffiti on Lafarge cement truck from Muhammad Perol Idham on Vimeo.

Sky lift is used for effective work flow because we need to finish each one of the trucks in 3 days. For the paint, we used Dulux Gloss finish and MTN colors for most part. 

lafarge truck graffiti2 from Muhammad Perol Idham on Vimeo.

Done and the client love it.

ideas behind the design.

Happiness in the City Campaign by Lafarge from Muhammad Perol Idham on Vimeo.

Selasa, 28 Mac 2017

Islamic theme mural graffiti for International Islamic College.

    This is the first time we did a mural with Islamic theme or calligraffiti and it turned out well and the client loves it. The idea is to make the place (international Islamic college) more lively with Islamic murals, so we decided to take a word from the holy Quran, Iqra' which means read to inspire the student to learn by reading.

    For the second mural, we did doodle with the name of all course in the School of Management.

Isnin, 20 Februari 2017

Graffti for Volunteer Malaysia

During Volunteer Malaysia by IM4U, we did this mentorship program which the artist need to facilitate the volunteers consist of students to do graffiti. Patriotic theme was designed by us before we sketch it onto the wall for the volunteer to fill in the colors.

volunteers came the next day to paint the wall including celebrities like Sazzy Falak

Sazzy Falak doing graffiti

lastly the final touch up was done by the artist.

media coverage

Maybank Mural at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

The team and clients
It's the second mural project I did with Maybank and this time it is at
Universiti Teknologi Petronas branch. The concept is a continuation of
the previous campaign which is freedom of cashless transaction.