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Selasa, 5 Januari 2021

Wall Battle Competition @Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur


On 16-18 October 2020 we participate in Wall Battle Competition at Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur. This competition was organized by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) with collaboration Art Batallion, Blast Store & Your Idea Maker

Some other graffiti artist also participate in this competition. Theme for this competiton is 'Sayangi Pasar Borong Kita'. 

For this competition, we were given 20ft x 8ft area. We were given 2 days to complete the artwork.

The early process of the work

The theme of this competition is 'Sayangi Pasar Borong Kita'

First close up of the work

Second close up of the work

Third close up of the work

The complete work