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Sabtu, 26 November 2016

7 Eleven Mural for Rumah Kebajikan, Cheras

Rumah kebajikan Taman Seri Puteri Cheras

It's a charity day at Taman Seri Puteri, Cheras and I'm joining the 7 Eleven charity team to do  Mural on their wall.


I need to change the murals above into something that can represent feminine and also apply the colorful products of 7 Eleven such as Slurpie.


I saw a lot of colorful flowers around the welfare house so I decided to paint a doodle of those flowers then colors it like the Slurpie. I hope this colorful mural can bring happiness and cheer up the welfare house occupant's mood.

Other charity worker consist of college students who paints the other wall with new colors.

Sabtu, 12 November 2016

Graffiti Malaysia Exhibition 2016

A group exhibition curated by EscapeVA that highlights the top 29 active players in the graffiti/street art scene in Malaysia.

Venue : White Box, Publika
Date : November 11th (Opening Reception )
Time : 8.30PM - late
Exhibition Period : 11th-15th Nov 2016

List of the artists :-

Abdulrashade, Amey, Akid One, Asmoe, Bananasalak, Bone Alfie, Crackoart, Dean.r, Dmojo, Ebalarez, Escapeva, Katun, Kos, Mack, Medeaprojekt, Mytho, Nestwo, 
Newba, Pakey One, PatioPerol, Reeze, Siek27, Snaketwo, Sliz, Sored One, Volre, Yumz One, 4710.

Malaysia Graffiti Exhibition 2016 from Muhammad Perol Idham on Vimeo.

The Malaysian are beginning to accept graffiti as a prominent fast spreading art movement. It
is the perfect time for us underground artist to rise to the surface and mingle with the society while
still keeping a wall between and keep raising the bar.

the exhibition was successful events as it invites the interest of younger generation to visit the galleries.

Selasa, 8 November 2016


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