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Sabtu, 26 November 2016

7 Eleven Mural for Rumah Kebajikan, Cheras

Rumah kebajikan Taman Seri Puteri Cheras

It's a charity day at Taman Seri Puteri, Cheras and I'm joining the 7 Eleven charity team to do  Mural on their wall.


I need to change the murals above into something that can represent feminine and also apply the colorful products of 7 Eleven such as Slurpie.


I saw a lot of colorful flowers around the welfare house so I decided to paint a doodle of those flowers then colors it like the Slurpie. I hope this colorful mural can bring happiness and cheer up the welfare house occupant's mood.

Other charity worker consist of college students who paints the other wall with new colors.

4 ulasan:

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