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Sabtu, 7 Julai 2012

Canvas of nature supports graffiti

'Canvas of Nature' will showcase graffiti, pop art, and contemporary marine art at Malaysian International Dive Expo. from 6 to 8 July 2012. Since that marine life had always been my subject matter, I have sent 2 of my artworks for sale.

"Surf" by peroltz, 45x45inch, mix media on canvas, 2012. its my idea of surfing rocking tentacled sea shell turtle.
"Beats" by peroltz, 45 x 45 inch, mix media on canvas, 2012. about an octopus  eel head dj working the turntable
with two dugong beatboxing and rapping an undersea party.

these canvas are on sale right now at pwtc. to support other cool artworks please 'like' the canvas of nature's facebook

here are some of the artworks that i took from there. check it out!

Tasmanian King by Escape. 2012, 90 x 120 cm, mix media on canvas. Brush stroke and finger painting.

Pink Jellyfish by Anokayer. 2012, 90x60 cm, mix media on canvas.

Octopus by Snozze. 2012, 40x80 cm, spray paint on canvas.

Scuba diver by Cloak. 2012, 60x45 cm, mix media on canvas

Skateboard fish by Donald Abraham.  2012,  acrylic on skateboard

Yasuo by Kenji Chai. 2012, 45 x 35 cm, spray paint on canvas


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