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Rabu, 1 Januari 2014

Meeting of Character 6 Malaysia

Elien Kecik by Perol

Annually, Malaysian characters and their designers will meet to inspire each other at Meeting of Character (MOC), a well known event among the street artist and graffiti writer here.

Down at Jelatek riverbank, Malaysian Graffiti artist collaboration took place for the black market of trading and sharing characters.

Over 20 participating artists including illest Malaysian crew such as PHBKLK, The Secret Hideout, SFC, etc. painting from 1 p.m onward closing the 2013.

"malaysian street scene aint dead at all, there are stil dope crew & graffiti artist on the front line making progression. dare to look upon us, cos no one aint gona stop bombing n painting. big up to all the artists that came today during the kuala lumpur meeting of characters 6 event, passion & peace love all." -Escape Va


From left, Perol, Yumz, Patox

from left: Akent, Snooze, Jimz

Below is the full wall photo, credited from MOC fb page.

Dedication from Kenji and Spuxs

Kenji, Butterworth Penang.

Spuxs, Zoo Taiping

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