Malaysia Graffiti

Isnin, 20 Jun 2016

War Graff, a tribute to War Craft movie

After watching this Warcraft movie, we liked the story line. this is a tribute by Escape (Ork)

King Llane (Perol)

Ork Warlord X King Llane of War Craft

Rabu, 15 Jun 2016

KIS KREW Session. The After Effects

Before this, I was working as graphic designer and 3d animator. 
So I learn about graphic, advertising, 2D and 3D animation which now
I used the skill to improve my graffiti.

Rabu, 1 Jun 2016

"Perol" semi 3d Graffiti

My graffiti style is categorized as semi 3d. Using 3d structure without leaving the lines which made it looks 2d.

close up


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