Malaysia Graffiti

Jumaat, 29 Jun 2018

Graffiti for Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB), Kuala Lumpur.

    As part of the renovation and restoration project, we were commissioned to paint 3D type of graffiti mural. So the idea is to paint the ERL train through Bukit Berapit tunnel. 

    Down here are the painting process.

Selasa, 22 Mei 2018

Graffiti for Carcraft

    This time we were commissioned by Carcraft to creates graffiti for the
wall on the top part.  they wanted to have their logo with elements of car
parts as background.

Selasa, 3 April 2018

Palm Oil Mural for MPOB

We have been commissioned to do this
mural for Malaysian Palm Oil Berhad
with the given theme, futuristic while featuring some
of their product. The whole wall took about 2 weeks to finish.

The wall before painting begins.

MPOB Wall is done.
MPOB Wall is done.

The most challenging part is to make it more than just a
plain mural on the wall. So we turn this mural into a 3d interactive mural where the audience can pose with the mural and pretend that they were in it.

Audience pretending to pluck the palm oil fruits.
3d Motorcycle
motorized  gaff and computer
Here is the work progress video.