Malaysia Graffiti

Khamis, 25 Disember 2014

Graffiti Commission for Laundry Skool, Johor Bahru.

 This is one of the most energy draining project for my team. we move from Kota Damansara
(4.00 a.m.), Selangor to Johor Bahru (9.00 a.m.) and finish the job at 11.00 p.m. and went straight back home where I arrive at 3.00 a.m. which make it almost 24 hours of working time. but as long as our customer happy, we are happy yo!

the customer requested donald duck doing laundry for the image of his shop. I think that it is a really good choice because everyone can recognize Donald Duck. We grew up watching Donald Duck and the new generation still watching it!

The Operating Instructions had already written on the machine itselves so we just highlight the important keywords and simple icons.

Ahad, 7 Disember 2014

Commision for 2 Wheels Spa Planet

"In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen -
really seen." -Brene Brown.

That is what I believe graffiti can help you achieve. My own testimonial are when there is graffiti inside your shop or property, it will instantly become a centre of attention. Later people would want to take a selfie and share it to the world and boom! free advertising.

My awesome customer, specialist in bike wash. add their instagram @2wheels_spa_planet

some of the pic taken from the instagram showcasing their awesome work.

Ahad, 30 November 2014

Open Call Handmade Sticker Exhibition

We just opened our Gallery at Publika Art Rows. come visit, participate and chill with us!

Salam was here




Si Tomi

Selasa, 25 November 2014

# MBSB Homesafety

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

Theres no other campaign that can make people stand and stare at it for couple of minutes and some kids posing an taking selfies with it except graffiti medium campaign. It works!

Jumaat, 14 November 2014

Graffiti Workshop at Program Bakat Remaja Gaya Hidup Rakan Muda

"A lot of people are so used to just seeing the outcome of work. They never see the side of work yo go through to produce the outcome." - Michael Jackson

That is what graffiti workshop are potential of. to let people see the process
of producing graffiti. Usually it is fascinating than the outcome itself to see how
the graffiti artist use the spray cans and freestyle painting without sketching first.

kids trying out graffiti for the first time

Quick graffiti demo for the kids to learn

Khamis, 21 Ogos 2014

Swag Cat Keep It Simple Perol X Escape

"The cat sat on a mat' is not a story...

...'The cat sat on the dog's mat' is a story." - John le Carre

Ahad, 10 Ogos 2014


Escape just got a new phone.
so we wanted to try out the new phone's camera and bomb a piece called meow selfie.
it was awesome. I mean the phone's camera.

Meow Selfie-Jalan H.

Perol x Escape va KIS Production. After the rainbow

Just like nyan cats and its rainbow. Is funny and happy.
I want to make people happy by doing this.

Perol x Escape Va at jelatek Riverbank

Selasa, 5 Ogos 2014

Kis My X GAZA "SAVE GAZA" Graffiti

You don't need to be a Muslim to support Gaza, you just need to be human. KIS My bombs the "SAVE GAZA" graffiti to reminds us about peace that Gaza deserved.

Kucin Playing Ukulele as symbol of peace, leaning on the Gaza prison wall destroyed by nature.

Zionis, the baby killer, Pray for Gaza.


Rabu, 16 Julai 2014

Perol X Mads X Sycode "PUASA JAM"

A quick session during the Ramadhan and its so exhausting.

 from left: Sycode, Mads, Perol.

Perol X Escape Woman and da Kucin

Just another KIS Malaysia Production. We are looking for crew mates.

"BUILD" commissioned by Akedemi Binaan Malaysia

YES, we are available for commission.

signed by the minister.

Nandos Art Initiative 2014 Graffiti Finalist

Each year Nandos will held an art competiton. This 2014 special they put up a new category which is graffiti. The finalist are Nestwo & Cloak, KOS & Katun, Akid, and Perol(me). The first prize winner goes to Nestwo & Cloak judged by Bee & Kenji Chai.





Community graffiti by shiledtox x Perol

Before this, graffiti is infamous as vandalism in peoples state of mind. Now the community has receive it to be put at their homes and walls as a form of art and effective way of communication.